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Saunacore Country Living Barrel Sauna

Original price $16,875.00 - Original price $18,750.00
Original price
$16,875.00 - $18,750.00
Current price $16,875.00


  • Pre-built Modular Design allows for easy assembly
  • Canadian select STK (small tight knots) Western Red Cedar.
  • Stainless Steel bands & clamps for assembly.
  • Solid wood cradle base for support and stability.
  • Walls constructed of 2” x 4” thick cedar boards Full framed glass door
  • All benches are 2×4 clear Western Red Cedar with beveled edges
  • Cedar backrest along back wall for comfort.
  • Vapor proof cast aluminum light fixture.
  • Comes with Saunacore SE Hot Rock Heater w/digital control or wood burning stove
  • Cedar heater guard.
  • Flooring panels for walking area
  • Intake and Outflow ventilation
  • Cedar Door with tempered glass window.
  • Requires no plumbing.
  • Warms up quickly.
  • Efficient air circulation & quicker heating time.
  • 25% – 30% less volume of heating area compared to square shaped rooms.
  • Exterior canopy (optional upgrade).
  • 2’ Front Porch with benches (Optional upgrade)