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Infracore MAX is the most advanced infrared saunas on the market.  With double wall construction for the exclusive Opti-cool for deeper enhanced penetration, rounded design for optimal body coverage and built on caster wheels for total mobility, this sauna is STANDS ALONE unlike any other in the sauna industry. The Infracore Max also includes a wellness seat for totally body infrared coverage and also has the most infracore emitters than any other model, when comparing same size. This makes the Infracore MAX a true detox chamber..

The Infra-core Max Series stands alone as one of the most advanced therapeutic, far infrared saunas in the world.

  • Handcrafted by experienced craftsman to the absolute highest standards
  • Poplar wood – optional upgrade. Other wood types available upon request
  • Soft-touch electronic digital keypad
  • Fingertip control of audio, fan and lighting. Built in Bluetooth steaming
  • Ceramic radiant heating emitters
  • Cedar backrest
  • Canopy and vented light fixture
  • Ergonomic cedar emitter guards
  • Rapid Even air circulation system
  • Safety certified
  • Models are 240v with neutral, to be hardwired by your licensed electrician